Pin Repair

Pin Repairs and Repurchases

Pin Repairs

Past pins are repaired at our annual Christmas Mart, with supplies that are available, and as time permits. Please come to the Fixings tables with pin that needs a repair or see a member for direction on your options. Members will do their best to restore your pin, though it is not guaranteed.

Seasonal Pins

The Charity League makes small runs (100-150 pins) for other seasons as well. These pins are primarily sold to Charity League members and Friends of Charity League, often in support of an additional community charity. Some examples include an American Flag, an Easter Egg, and a Witches Hat. These pins are -- on very rare occasions -- sold back to The Charity League and can be repurchased at The Christmas Mart Table.

Pin Repurchases

Past pins are rarely available for purchase after their initial release year. Many are ardently collected, including by members of The Charity League. If you are interested in reselling your pin collection, please contact a Charity League member or send an email via this website for terms and conditions.