Become a Friend

Become a "Friend" of Charity League

The "Friends of Charity League" are over 25 volunteers who each year support in sewing our famous Christmas pins. For our "Friends," making the sequined pins is a labor of love. These women volunteer their time and master sewing skills as a resource to the organization.

"Friends of Charity League" are usually individuals who love to sew and sequin. "Friends" are definitely master sequinners that provide a tremendous support team to The Charity League.

The Charity League celebrates and honors our "Friends" every year at the Christmas Luncheon, typically held in the beginning of December. Each "Friend" receives a free pin for her effort.

Are you interested in becoming a "Friend" of The Charity League? We have some opportunities for anyone interested in our form of sequinning and finding out more about The Charity League and how we help to enrich Atlantic County. It's okay if you've never sewn before -- we will be providing sequinning workshops to build individual capacity on the pathway to becoming a "Friend."

We are currently taking information for people interested in becoming "Friends" and will contact them with the dates for the sequinning workshop. This is an apprenticeship where we teach you how to sequin in our style and introduce you to the other members of The Charity League. It's a great opportunity for you to get to know us and the work we do, and to help make a difference in Atlantic County at the same time.

First time "Friends" will begin their sequinning apprenticeship working on small items for tree skirts and stockings.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us.